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Inside Stories

"Inside Stories" is a series of conversations on the many forms of storytelling, from film to theater to history museums to walking tours and beyond.

Jun 2, 2009

George Moscone was a San Francisco supervisor, a California state senator, and finally mayor of San Francisco from January 1976 until November 1978, when he was killed in City Hall. His work is often overshadowed by that of gay rights activist and city supervisor Harvey Milk, who was killed along with Moscone. Who was Moscone? Learn more about this native son of San Francisco who fought Gov. Ronald Reagan over the closing of mental hospitals, stewarded the nation's first gay rights law through the California state senate, got the convention center built that now bears his name, and led San Francisco during one of its most turbulent and fascinating eras. It is meant to be listened to inside San Francisco City Hall, though it can be listened to anywhere. The program features original interviews with Moscone's family and colleagues, as well as archival audio of Moscone himself. For more info visit